Reservation change and cancellation policies

  1. Any change or cancellation to your reservation must be requested at least 48 hours before the date of arrival at the hostel.
  2. En temporada alta cualquier cambio ó cancelación deberá solicitarlo 72 horas antes de la fecha de llegada al hostal. Para conocer la información acerca de las fechas de temporada alta, consúltenos al
  3. In high season, any change or cancellation must be requested 72 hours before the date of arrival at the hostel. For information about high season dates, contact us at
  4. The hotel will carry out a pre-verification with the issuing bank of the credit card 24 hours before the arrival of the guest. If said pre-verification is not approved, the reservation will be considered as Not Guaranteed and the Hotel is not obliged to respect the stay of the same.
  5. In case of more than one night stays, if the guest does not show up at the hotel, the "No Show" charge will be applied only for the first night of the reserved room plus taxes to the credit card with which the reservation was guaranteed. The rest of the stay will be canceled automatically.

Deposits and guarantees

  1. Each reservation requires, without exception, a deposit for a minimum amount of the first night.
  2. The hostel will contact the guest for the instructions of the deposit and the validation times of the same.
  3. By means of deposit or Paypal: they must be delivered maximum 48 hours after the reservation is registered, reflected in the bank account or Paypal of the hostel. In reservations made on the same day, this form of payment is not allowed.
  4. In case there are no guarantees in the reservations, cancellation policies of 48 (low season) to 72 hrs (high season) will apply.
  5. When applying a "Non-refundable" the cancellation policy is not valid.
  6. There will be an extra charge for an additional person (over 12 years old).
  7. The maximum capacity of people will depend on the type of room reserved.


13. Prices do not include taxes:

  • I.V.A. 16%
  • I.S.H. 3%

Terms of payment and Check-in & Check-out

14. The total amount of the stay will be charged on the day of your arrival. The settlement of the account can be in cash or by card, in the case of a card, an additional 5% commission will be charged.

15. The hotel reserves the right of admission. To register at the hotel, everyone must show official identification or a valid passport to the person in charge of reception. Reception hours are from 7:30am to 11:59pm.

16. Check-in is at 1:00 pm, Check-out will be at 11:00 am.

17. It is not allowed to enter the hotel firearms, explosive, flammable materials, narcotics or similar and illegal substances or any type of psychotropic substances in the facilities, if you do not respect this rule you will be asked to leave the facilities IMMEDIATELY and consign it to The authorities.

18. In the bedrooms, remember to use only the reserved bed. You must respect the space and belongings of other guests in the bedroom, take care of cleanliness and hygiene inside the room.

19. The time of absolute silence in the hostel in its entirety is from 23.00hrs (11.00pm)

20. Smoking area is only the garden, smoking is prohibited in rooms, living / dining room and other areas outside those established.

Accessibility or special needs

21. Each minor (-18 years old) must be accompanied by an adult.

22. In the case of Groups of minors, one person in charge is required for every 10 minors.

23. Minors are not allowed in the bedrooms.

24. The hostel is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

25. Pets are not allowed, unless they are guide dogs.

26. Parking: The hostel only has parking on public roads, which is subject to availability.


27. On special occasions the Hostel organizes events. Guests are notified in advance that there may be an extension of the normal quiet hours (23.00hrs).

Problem resolution

28. Any situation not provided for in these regulations will be resolved by the management of Azul Cielo Hostel at the time.


29. Azul Cielo Hostel will not be responsible for any valuables or cash of the guests, who must be responsible for their belongings.

30. Any damage or loss caused by the guest and guests of the guest to the property, real estate and belongings owned by the hostel must be paid by the guest according to the value established by the company.

31. The accommodation contract may be terminated without the right to reimbursement for the violation of the following regulations and the following reasons:

  • When the guest commits moral offenses or makes scandals that disturb the other guests
  • Due to the absence of the guest for more than seventy-two (72) hours without leaving notice or warning 15. The hotel management may evacuate the guest's belongings from the room, placing them without any obligation or responsibility for the company, in a baggage hold and you will be charged for the luggage storage service, which will be charged at the time of requesting your luggage.