Following the regulations that the Mexican government has applied and enforced to cope with the current situation in Mexico, and to support all sectors affected by the COVID-19 virus, at Hostal Azul Cielo, we have chosen to take certain measures and protocols to help reduce the risks of contagion and maintain an environment that is as safe and healthy as possible for our guests, our staff, and Oaxacan society in general.

Some of the most important procedures in our hostel, from the entrance to the exit of the guests, are the following:

● Upon check-in, guests sanitize their shoes and their
Baggage. They must also make use of the face mask and the use of sanitizing gel to

● Body temperature is taken from all people (guests, collaborators and
service people) who enter our facilities.

● Similarly, all travelers arriving at Azul Cielo fill out and sign the TRAVELER RISK FACTOR IDENTIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE, which was issued in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation to have better control and keep records on travelers who visit our country.

Similarly, when registering at our facilities, all our visitors are made aware of the protocols and internal rules in the hostel regarding coexistence, cleanliness and mutual respect between guests and our staff.

On the subject of cleaning and the new measures that are being implemented due to the pandemic, we have reinforced and modified some of our processes in order to offer a stay as comfortable and healthy as possible.

● Our cleaning staff must use the mask and disposable gloves during their working day in order to guarantee maximum security for both our staff as well as our guests.

● Common areas and places of use or frequent contact such as: railings, tables, desks, handles, locks or tools and utensils of common use are sanitized frequently with chlorine and sanitizers to eliminate viruses and bacterias.

● All our staff (kitchen, cleaning and reception) use cloth face coverings or disposable face masks during the entire work shifts.

This way, we promote a secure and trustworthy environment within the hostel. We are ensuring that our establishment complies with protocols and regulations appropriate to the current situation, derived from the COVID-19 effects.